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Stand-alone Printing: Case Study

Southern ID Solutions stand-alone printing system
Our PC-Free Label Printing Solution in Action…

PC free label printing streamlines factory floor

One of Southern ID’s biggest strengths is our ability to help our customers streamline their production methods and reduce costs. There’s no better example of this than the recent solution we created for a local door manufacturer.

Producing hundreds of doors every single day, their production process was a particularly complex one – with no less than 10 stages between initial panel sizing to final product certification and packaging.

The door production process…

Historically, a batch of specification labels would be attached to each door at the start of production. Once the door had passed through subsequent processes, one of these labels would be attached to track its progress.

The nature of the factory setting however meant these labels could easily become detached, lost or damaged, increasing both production time and cost.

When visiting the site however, we identified that their primary Homag Saw had 2D barcode capture capability.

By contacting its manufacturer, we were able to fully utilise the machinery’s technology and condense the entire door spec to one scanable barcode.

We then installed compact stand-alone printers at each key point in the factory. This allowed the wood technicians to live scan and print labels at their own station – an accurate way to track and record the doors’ progress as it passed through the factory.

The owners of the company were thrilled with the improved efficiency the system afforded,

We have to constantly react to customers specification changes during our manufacturing process. The ability to amend door labels at any time to reflect these amendments is a real bonus, saving time and ensuring correct labeling at all manufacturing stages. ”

Colin, Door Manufacturer

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