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Combatting the Plastic Crisis…

Coveris’ new shrink film range…

With a surge in consumers looking for sustainable solutions resulting in a negative view of plastic products, packaging company Coveris has responded by developing a new shrink film range which is 100% recyclable and contains 50% recycled materials.

Dubbed the ‘Duralite R range‘, it has been designed to provide a fully circular, reduced C02 solution for multipacks.

Commenting on the new sustainable innovation, Martin Davis, President of Coveris’ Films business unit said “the development and launch of our new Duralite™ R film marks a major step forward in the development of sustainable plastics for a circular economy. Complementing our existing range of environmental films such as our recyclable PE for direct contact, the development of a fully recyclable, recycled secondary material that utilises our own waste stream and delivers a reduced carbon footprint supports both our own environmental goals and those of our customers, as well as meeting legislative targets on recycled content.”

Martin Davis, President of Coveris

You can read the full article here…

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