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Implications of New Labelling Law Revealed

Proposed new labelling laws have huge implications for the pre-prepared food market.

A welcome new law has been laid in front of the UK Parliament meaning all pre-packed food will have to include a full list of ingredients.

Concerns have been raised over the wider implications this law could have on smaller businesses and the investment required to produce detailed labels across their product ranges.

The proposed law follows a recent government consultation into current food label laws after two people died from allergic reactions after eating pre-packed food.

The parents of 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse who died after eating a baguette purchased at Pret a Manger campaigned for a change to rules which stated that food prepared on the same premises it is sold does not need to display information about allergens.

Michael Gove, who was then secretary for environment, food and rural affairs announced in June 2019 that new legislation known as ‘Natasha’s Law’ would be brought forward to strengthen allergen labelling laws.

Here at Southern ID, we’ve already seen how this has impacted our client base as more and more business strive to strengthen their communication with consumers.

Going forward, Southern ID Solutions will continue to help customers respond to the increased challenges they face when it comes to food labelling.

We want to ensure that they are agile enough to adapt to changes in the market and have the most effective processes in place to ensure labels are accurate, available and compliant.

Whether that means implementing an on-premise label management system or turning to the cloud for help, the outcome is the same: better labelling and better safety for consumers“.

Harry Perry, Key Account Direct, Southern ID Solutions

To find out how you can prepare for the labelling law amends, call a member of our label team today on 01903 502892.

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