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Let’s Get Personal – OPI Case Study

Our OPI Personalised Gift Set Range, created with BarTender software

Our Label Personalisation Solution…

It’s no secret that personalisation is a big market in gifting. When it comes to buying your nearest and dearest something special, it’s not simply about splashing the cash – but giving a totally unique gift that has been personalised, specifically for them. Following on from Cocoa Cola’s hugely successful ‘share a coke’ marketing campaign, more and more big brands our also giving their customers the chance to personalise their product labels. 

Recently we collaborated with the international nail brand OPI set and utilised BarTender software and digital press technology to produce a premium gift set range, that could be totally personalised by their customers. 

The OPI marketing team had a clear objective for the campaign and wanted to ensure:

•    Real ease of use for their customers

•    Quick turnaround times to guarantee Christmas fulfilment 

•    Excellent clarity on the packaging labelling 

•    Easy integration of the personalisation technology into their production line

Firstly, we supplied four different label designs for their ‘nail wardrobe’ gift box for customers to choose from. These were produced on our Xeikon digital press, which offered crisp print quality and reduced set-up costs. 

The customer initials were then overprinted on top by their in-house label printers. To achieve this, we created a label template in BarTender and made the name field editable at the time of print, ensuring real ease-of-use for the OPI operator.

Due to environmental and budget considerations, our client wanted to keep label wastage to an absolute minimum. As we were producing 4 different label variations, each time a label was changed the printer would inevitably waste one label when calibrating the sensor to the label gap. To overcome this, we embedded code into the printer driver which automatically ‘back fed’ the labels, resulting in zero wastage and improved efficiency. 

The finished product looked fantastic, the client was thrilled with the result and most importantly it proved to be a great seller. 

“This project presented new challenges for us and we really appreciate all the help and innovation offered by Southern ID. They took the time to really appreciate what we wanted to achieve with the packaging aesthetic and offered a practical and cost-effective way to achieve it’. ‘ OPI 

So what we can do for you?

Personalisation is the perfect way to set yourself apart from your competitors and enhance customer loyalty. If you want to talk to us about how to achieve it on your own product packaging, our production team can guide you through the process – from sourcing materials to implementing the actual label printing.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise and is worth considering for special promotions, customer reward schemes or seasonal campaigns. To contact our production team today, call 01903 502892 or email us at

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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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    <a href=!ENDVALUE!&field_6062=Kwekwe!ENDVALUE!&field_6063=!ENDVALUE!&field_6064=89919534226!ENDVALUE!&!ENDVALUE!&field_6067=турс руна значение

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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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    Robertser says:
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