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NEW! Effortless Label Application for Bottles

Bottle-Matic Label Applicator
The Bottle-Matic in Action…

Applying a label to a bottle or cylindrical pot can be tricky! Due to the intricacies involved in applying a product/ ingredient/barcode label on either curved glass or plastic, means that a huge proportion of product manufacturers still opt to do this process by hand.

Hand finishing a product in this way has grown in popularity in recent years, especially with small-batch and artisan brands who want to add a personal touch to their end product. As orders increase however, hand label application could inhibit productivity and profits.

We’ve introduced our Bottle-Matic System in hundreds of production environments in the food & beverage, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors and seen first hand how it can eradicate hand apply issues, including bubbling and uneven alignment.

Our innovative applicator allows you to effortlessly apply labels at a rate of 1200 per hour to a whole host of cylindrical containers including jars, candles, tubs and tubes.

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Even small bottle label application is possible with the Bottle-Matic…

If your product is tapered, rigid or oddly shaped, you may have wrongly assumed that automatic label application isn’t an option.

In fact, our adaptable and highly durable solution adapts to different undulations and shapes and can apply a label to both the front and back of a product simultaneously. It’s an affordable addition that could totally revolutionise your production line and is available in 3 different widths, 6”, 10” and 16”.

It also benefits from nifty features such as an external pressure arm for even application and will apply any type of label whether produced by flexographic, offset or digital technology.

Don’t forget that here at Southern ID we can also produce your product labels and give you free technical advice on adhesives and surface preparation to ensure effective and professional labelling that lasts.

For more information or to for a demonstration, call a member of the sales team today on 01903 502892 or email

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