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Southern ID Develop Label Solution For World’s Largest Packaging Companies…

Here at Southern ID we really love a challenge! Recently, we were selected to create a barcode verification solution for one of the world’s largest packaging companies, specialising in beverage, food, pharmaceutical and personal care. Their operation is vast- with over 56 metal and glass production facilities in over 12 countries.

We assisted them over at one of their UK plants which produce 1000’s of drinks cans – including beers, flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs), wine, energy drinks and tea – each and every day!

The label being attached to an outgoing pallet…

With pallets being dispatched to numerous destinations all over the UK, throughput in the plant has to be safe, swift and above all, highly accurate.

We were tasked with producing a pallet barcode verification solution, which would increase productivity around the plant and simplify product identification.

Firstly, we provided their Rugby workforce with the very latest in pallet printing label technology – the Printronix ODV. This highly sophisticated industrial printer not only prints barcode labels but thanks to a highly-accurate verifier positioned at the front of the printer, checks them to GS1 standards at the same time.

Traditionally, if you wanted to authenticate your barcodes, you would have to test them offline with an independent verification unit. The beauty of the Printronix means this is all done in one easy step, speeding-up production and reducing down-time.

Another great feature of the Printronix ODV is that the printing and monitoring of your label printing can be done remotely, allowing you to be in control even if you’re not on the factory floor. The barcode data is also stored and easily accessed, strengthening your traceability and transparency processes.

The Printronix Print Net Enterprise Platform allows you to view and store
your barcode data in real-time.

The next step of the process was to link the printers with NiceLabel software automation to generate customer-specific tags, which could be attached to each pallet, post-production.

As the pallets can be subjected to various environmental factors whilst in transit, we embarked on a rigorous research project to identify the right surface material that could withstand both humidity and extreme temperatures.

Thanks to the Printronix ODV, faulty barcodes and logistical and operational delays that unscannable barcodes can produce have been eradicated. This means our client’s process of getting their products received accurately labelled at their end destination has been significantly improved.

We were really pleased to see first hand how printing and validating pallet labels in one-step can strengthen productivity and barcode readability. Our clients are demanding more control and data management options from their label printing systems and this new solution ensures faulty barcodes won’t enter the supply chain.

Bob Perry, MD, Southern ID

To see the Printronix printer and verifier in action – identifying and reprinting a faulty barcode, click on the Southern ID video below.

Watch the Southern ID Printronix Video and see just how easy the printer is to operate!

To find out how we can simplify your label production and boost productivity, contact Southern ID Solutions on 01903 502892.

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