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Our Speciality Finishes

Want your product to stand apart from your competitors? Utilising one of or specialty label finishes could be just what your need to create an eye-catching, premium aesthetic. Our experienced print team can work closely with you to select which printing effect is right for you and your budget.

These premium features needn’t be as expensive as you think – Southern ID are we at the forefront of using digital printing onto metallised substrates for example which makes it much more affordable.

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Key Features

  • Create expensive looking metallic labels using hot and cold foiling techniques
  • Textural effects and patterns can be ingrained into any product label
  • Embossing techniques which raise certain areas of the label above the label surface lend a three-dimensional quality
  • All over varnishing techniques in either matte or gloss can give an enduring premium finish regardless of how long they stay on the shelf
  • Specialty finishes can also incorporate safety features onto your product, such as Braille instructions
  • Spot varnishes in gloss, matte, glitter, foam and frosting can add texture and extra visual appeal

Create luxurious looking labels today!

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